The B.S. Johnson Society

Professor Philip Tew (Brunel) and I have recently founded the B.S. Johnson Society. The website ( is up and running and we are currently looking for more Johnson readers to get involved.

B.S. Johnson (1933-1973) was a British writer, journalist and film-maker. He is particularly well-known for his book-in-a-box, The Unfortunates (1964). Bryan Stanley Johnson was indeed famous for his formal experiments with the novel form and although he despised the term it is perhaps the concept of ‘experimentation’ which best defines his reworking of the genre of the novel.In Albert Angelo (1964) for example, he cuts holes in a few of his pages to comment on our reading habits. These are just examples – do look further into it by going to and if you become a fan like us, come join the Society!

There is also a Facebook page to keep up-to-date with recent press releases or radio and TV broadcasts.